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It’s that time again, to get organized for the New Year with Goals, Dreams and yep… “To Do” lists!! For most of my life, I’ve had several “To Do” lists going at any given time. I repeat—several!!! To me, that’s a good thing. The lists I sought used to be in “stationery stores” but you can get them almost anywhere now—or better yet, make your own! I LOVE the ones that have the little square beside the task (although, the bigger the square, the better) so I can “check” that square when the task is complete… YES, the check was rewarding in itself!! Now, if I could only convince my Mister to do this… but, that’s a long shot! He’s not an “inbox or list” kind of guy but also has a better memory than I do!

If you don’t use them now, try it… once you “check” something off your list… it can be a be a profound feeling! You might think it’s silly but just try! Also, gives a better sense of organization…

It is best described below:

“At some point, it may serve you to decide that a particular project or undertaking is complete. Seeking excellence is one thing; never finding anything totally satisfactory is another. It is as I have told you before: Perfection is the obstacle of creation and the enemy of achievement. At some point, you’ve got to say, “This is good. And this is enough.” If you cannot do this, you will never get anything done — and that is the opposite of what you want, is it not?”

~ Neale Donald Walsch

I’d love to know your thoughts, experiences, and ideas with “To Do” lists!! What do you do to stay organized in life?

2 thoughts on “TO DO—DONE!

  1. From the “Mister” himself—That reminds of a story: I had taken a middle management position long ago (about 1984 I think) and had my head buried deeply in a pile of paperwork that desperately needed reviewing and analyzing. Another middle manager came into my office with another stack of “important” paperwork and asked where my “In Basket” was.

    Without looking up at her, I reached down and grabbed my wastebasket and held it out to her. She laughed all the way back to her own office. We became instant friends.

    1. Chuckle… thank you to My Mister! I remember you telling me that story! Just fun! And to everyone listening… “he” does not use lists still! Everything by memory! I think he just likes when I need to remind him of things, it’s that personal touch!!! Still chuckling!! Hugs from downstairs to you Mister!

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