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Re-Gift Your Worries

Worrying is like paying on a debt that may never come due. ~ Will Rogers

Do you worry about other people’s issues?  Do you feel guilty if you don’t worry about other people’s issues?  Is it that you need to worry about someone else’s issues?  It’s time for people to worry about their own issues.  It’s time to make the shift, giving them responsibility for their own issues. 

I’m talking about pure, unadulterated WORRY!  This is not about simply having concern for others in need and such!

Anytime something would go wrong with a loved one or a close friend I used to worry!  Each and every day that their situation was a bad one, it stayed with me day and night.  Would things turn out OK with them, what will their future look like, how will this affect them… and anything else I could think to worry about!  I realize now that it wasn’t worth it.  People are generally intelligent and can handle their own issues without me worrying along with them!  Most people carry their own burdens and handle their own issues quite nicely—I might add, so much better than I do!  My stress level, on the other hand, was huge whenever things would go wrong.  I have not one thing to show for it except the pain I was in while listening, on one level or another, during this time.  My own fault.  Their lives turned out great and mine, on the other hand… well, I was tired!  Chuckle!

A wise person once told me, “Two people shouldn’t worry about the same thing” and the reason given was because there was, “No sense in both of us worrying about the same thing!”  That made sense to me and it stuck.  If you can’t control what you’re worried about then it has to stop.  You must make a conscious decision to shift the issue to the person it belongs to, or if it’s not a person then shift it to an object or whatever else it “does” belong to.  It’s OK to do that!  Something I’ve learned in my journey through life is that at least metaphorically speaking, is to redistribute the worry by just putting the energy that it takes to worry, back into the vast Universe and let it take care of itself, so to speak.  You might say something like, “Hello out there, I can’t handle this worry, can you please redistribute it back to where it came from or to the person causing the worry or absolve it all together?”  It might sound a little strange… I don’t mean for it too, however, whatever you can do to banish the worry from you and your body is worth the journey!  Now, let me say that you aren’t limited to worry, “it’s” just what this article is about… have your way with it!   

Right now, we have devastation through parts of our United States, not to mention other parts of the World that are having some sort of devastation.  I worried about these issues until I realized that I would be better off praying and/or meditating for the people and country rather than wasting my time worrying.  Action needs to take place and worrying is just for people who do not want to take action.  Taking action (or being helpful) can be anything from sending a donation, personally volunteering in some way, praying, meditation for their peace of mind or in their heart, or any other way you can think of to put yourself into a simple action toward their peace, therefore shifting your peace to them.  If you are not at peace then it simply makes them and you not at peace plus you are now making more waves in your own personal life.  What kind of sense does that make?  If you are at peace, then you can at least make a small contribution toward the issue, right? 

It’s about making a shift in your mind.  Try it.  Close your eyes.  Do you worry about Susie next door who is having an affair and her husband might find out—and on and on?  With your eyes closed, shift the responsibility of the entire issue over to Susie.  Imagine that you walk over to her home calmly and let her know that your burden of worrying about her is shifted back to her.  Imagine handing the burden to her like a package all wrapped up with a ribbon on it, marked “your affair.”  Now then, walk away and come back home… in your mind, of course.  That should take some pressure from you.  You’ve given the worry and responsibility of the issue to Susie rather than you having to worry about it!  Or as my Mother used to say, “Put the turd back in their pocket!”  I’ve never had a full understanding of the meaning of this saying but it does transfer something from one person to another!  You get the idea! 

Let’s talk about what happens when one makes that shift to others.  It’s a release, and use whatever technique you need, and be as extravagant as you want in order to prepare and let your mind know that you are making the shift to someone or something else.  That you are not in charge of that issue any longer!

The only reason one would sit around and worry is if you have too much spare time on your hands.  Otherwise, you would be doing something productive that requires thinking and not worrying about things you have no control over. 

People needing to take responsibility for their own sadness, choices, and more.  Pray for them and keep them in your heart!  Now, you’ve started proactive action that, like the butterfly effect, will resonate throughout the World. 


26 thoughts on “Re-Gift Your Worries

  1. I’m definitely a worrier! But thankfully, it is usually only about my own stuff. But those are some really good tips when I start taking on other people’s concerns!

    1. It’s a tough subject, that’s for sure and easy for me to write about but hard not to worry! I’m getting increasingly better with much self-help and convincing! 🙂 Thanks for responding, it helps to know that the others and I are not alone!! Merry Christmas, Lisa!

  2. I needed this. I tend to worry at night before bed or while driving. Like you said, just too much time on my hands.. No use getting grays over things you can’t change.

    1. Awweee… so glad you got something out of the post! I, too, am a Master worrier so I had to really dig deep and stay in the present so I wouldn’t worry about what is to come and what has already come. Thank you for commenting Monica!

  3. Well, no sense in worrying. It is hard habit to change. My husband always tells me not to worry about our finances and he will, but it is hard not to!

    1. It is hard not to worry… my husband says the same thing “no use both of us worrying about the same thing!” 🙂 It is OK to pass off what others are willing to take on because it probably affects them less and that’s a good thing! The children can also feel when we worry about things (mine are grown with grandchildren already and I know that really ages me) and don’t really understand but their instincts tell them something isn’t quite right so just know that what is, is and what will be, will be, and that sort of takes the pressure off. I don’t worry anymore unless something happens and then… look out! In any case, I’ve not heard the name Melina before… really, really pretty! Merry Christmas to you and family!!

    1. Thank you… yep, stress certainly comes this time of year. We try to shop early and make it simple so we can enjoy the Season too, the lights, scenery, beautiful snow we got today! It makes a more relaxing event! Merry Christmas!

  4. You are so right! There is no reason to worry about things out of our control. Give it all to God and He will handle the rest. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    1. If it doesn’t seem a good thing to do, to return to a person, then try a rock 🙂 or anything that you can just say “here, you take the burden” and then walk away! It’s an exercise that sort of makes the mind think that it’s letting the worry go! A little game to play, so to speak! But it works and it helps… Merry Christmas

  5. I sometimes get into bouts of worry and other days I am just fine! It’s definitely a challenge for sure. I have been working on trying to pray to God when worrying for him to help alleviate the pain.

    1. Yes… Meditation and praying have certainly helped me and staying in the present! I used to worry about things that, of course, never come true so it took its toll on me until I realized that there wasn’t a need to worry unless something did happen, it is almost backward from the way most of us think! Merry Christmas to you Heidi…

  6. I used to work with someone who constantly worried about everything and everyone. It got so bad that it really affected her health. It is much better to cast our cares upon the One who can bear our burdens and ease our load.

  7. In general I don’t worry about other people, but with my kids it is constant. They have no idea how much time I spend imaging horrible accidents and disasters that involve them.

    1. I think we all start out that way, but it does us no good to worry and only puts negative energy to the idea, I believe! Stop worrying and maybe worry “if” something happens! Tough I know but worrying can make one ill, been there, trusting is healing in most cases!! Happy Days… Merry Christmas!

  8. I am going to use you quote “Hello out there, I can’t handle this worry, can you please redistribute it back to where it came from or to the person causing the worry or absolve it all together?”

    Perfect post for this time of year. Thank you!

    1. The reason I could write about it is that I used to be an expert worrier!! 🙂 I have learned many lessons over the years and have stopped… it frees the heart and soul to stop! Thank you for the comments!!

  9. Very sage advice. My son just finished his first college finals and he said he was so worried about how he did. I told him that it was over, worrying was pointless because it caused more harm than good.

    1. Good advice!! Worrying is such a waste, not to say that I still don’t do it some but I’ve learned after becoming ill from it! Well now though 🙂 Lesson learned the hard way!

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