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Pretty Petals aPlenty

Getting the most from one rose… is another little tradition we have in our home!  The object with roses (or any flowers) is to grow enough variety and plenty of them to “share with “not only the outside” but the inside of the home as well.”  Pick your favorite fragrance and if treated correctly, the flowers will last for a couple of weeks if not longer.
Here’s my routine:
  • When cutting a rose stem, keep looking down the stem until you find a shoot that has five leaves on it. Cut the stem just above that point. If there aren’t any with five leaf shoots, then find a three leaf.  The object is not to cut the stem in the middle (between leaves, it should be just above a leaf section so it can obtain its best regrowth.
  • Before putting the stems in a vase, take off all but the top leaves (just so none are in the water) and then cut the stem at an angle to the length you want while holding it under warm water.
  • I like to add a stem of leaves from any tree or bush to the vase.
  • Fill your vase with warm water and enjoy!!  I add more warm water every other day or so to keep the water clean.  Keeps flowers fresher and avoids any odor.
For me, that’s early Fall… then come leaves!  That won’t be long now!


When the rose has opened up (not wilting) completely:

  • Take from the vase and re-cut the stem under warm water to about one inch.  It can be less… just as long as it can reach the water.
  • Place in an appropriate small bowl filled with warm water so it can float.  Add as many roses or other flowers the same way. These flowers will last about another week.


When the petals start to fall off:

  • Gently remove the rose from the dish and remove the petals putting them into another decorative dish or basket. They will stay fragrant even if wilted. This is the last step so I leave the old dried petals in the dish and put new ones in as I recycle them.
  • Run your fingers carefully among the dried and the new to mix them. This step can last as long as you want it to. Just empty when ready to stop adding or to start afresh.


For me, that’s early Fall… then come leaves! That won’t be long now!
Enjoying the rest of Summer!!
Do you grow roses?  Show them off here and let’s hear your ideas!
Until next time… Share in the Comments!

3 thoughts on “Pretty Petals aPlenty

  1. I’ll send you a picture of the bowl. I have to delete some pictures off my phone to make more room. How I got that dandelion home I’ll never know. Sometimes I spray the dried flowers with Lavender mist. It does not last very long. Thank you for your kind comments. My babies mean everything to me. Christopher was being a ham when he squashed the first flower. Little Boys.

  2. Pretty as a picture. I learned something new too! How to cut roses the right way. I have a little white ceramic bowl that was a gift from a friend. In it are all the flowers my grandchildren picked for me. Interestingly enough when I asked Christopher for a flower he did pick a tiny wildflower and then squished it with his shoe. No flower for Grandma till he picked a dandelion this summer and I tucked it carefully into my purse. My life is complete!

    1. Terrie, this is very touching! We have 12 grandchildren, last count, and three greats!! We aren’t close to all of them, in proximity or in knowing them because of the distance. But they are all incredible creatures. I, too, save everything I’m given by them as the meaning just can’t be explained or replaced! I get that same feeling every time I look at the tiniest gifts! One is a little plastic ring that might have come out of a gum machine but our grandson gave it to me and it will always be with me and in my heart! Maybe one day I’ll gather them and post a picture… ♥
      Thank you for sharing on SimplyByCharlie! More to come, stay tuned!

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