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The most challenging articles I have ever written were about myself.

It’s one thing to write about someone else,

but touting your own accomplishments and sometimes vulnerabilities

bring a whole new meaning to the word “self!”

All that said,

 most often you see websites or posts written in the third person,

like they aren’t the ones writing it, goodness!

  I am the one writing this entire blog,

SimplyByCharlie – and I can be wordy… so let’s get started!

 ✿  ✿  ✿  ✿  ✿

My name is Charlene… my friends call me Charlie, at my request.  When I was a child everyone wanted to call me something close to my name but not exactly.  They called me Charl, Char, even Charlotte.  It was a constant annoyance and instantly became a mood changer when the alternate versions were used.  One day, a neighbor friend suggested that I use the nickname Charlie.  I liked it.  People did remember it and I appreciated that!  Therefore, it stuck, not to mention that the perfume “Charlie” came out in 1973 that created fun and everlasting conversation!

Through my teenage years, I cut, styled and even permed hair.  I never wore my hair the same way any given church Sunday which intrigued others by my ability to think outside the church box!  I took pleasure in doing my mother and grandmother’s hair once a week but had to stay strictly within their cultural boundaries.  One Sunday I was asked by a church lady if I would mind doing her hair and she would pay me.  It would not have been appropriate to take the money since I didn’t have any professional training, but I did her hair and she told others.  That one hairdo turned into several for a few years!  I also got a few tips.  The experience did lend to my people skills but doing hair was not my passion!

My mother, GOD BLESS HER SOUL, was one of the Wisest women I have ever known (see my Blog) but was not domesticated “at all” and I was.  She went to work outside the home and I, therefore, took over the duties of cleaning, cooking, laundry including the ironing and loved it (except for ironing, ask my children), along with my favorite pastime, which was playing in the garden!  I was more organized than anyone I knew.  My grandparents (grandmother from Scotland) lived next door and great-grandparents (both from Scotland) lived next to them. I did receive a lot of elder training on good old-fashioned housekeeping skills and so much more with Great-Grandfather being a minister.  Those moral values permeated to my brain early!

At the age of 16, I was doing payroll (6 people), keeping books, answering the phone, and driving my father’s flatbed truck delivering materials to the sites for his brick mason business… along with the above home duties.

I attended Christian grade and high school through my sophomore year, then public school the final two years.  I was raised in the most incredibly strict home with no TV, no movies, not much radio (Paul Harvey at my grandparents), no jewelry, no makeup, no dancing, skirts below the knee, no pants until high school and no dates until my junior year, then supervised!  I was not prepared at all for what life was like after my school years!

Since there wasn’t an opportunity for me to attend college, I married at a pretty early age.  I graduated “summa cum laude” from the University of Hard Knocks.  A few college credits through correspondence courses, (same as the online classes/degree by today’s standards), and later ventured into the world of Business.

I had many passions and a few skills to go along with my credits!  One sure passion was the art of assisting people in taking a look inside themselves for their own happiness! Oddly, not something I had learned from my “self” yet. People must have felt my passion and the innate ability to listen and respond to their needs because it seemed I was constantly applying this wisdom along my journey.

I started my “outside the home” employment venture just out of my teen years, as a Receptionist, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Collections, on to Executive Secretary and Regional Administrative Management. However, Customer Service and Office Management became my niche and I was soon a specialist in the reorganization of Office Management (my organization skills resurfaced)!

Wanting more adventure out of life than “working for others,” I assisted my parents in accomplishing some of their dreams. Among our ventures were obtaining a patent for a fascinating structure of a 13-sided home that we built and sold, called the Carousel, which was a unique and rewarding experience!

With these opportunities under my belt, I broadened my attention to helping other people better their lives by becoming healthier, happier and wealthier through distinct types of marketing!  To enhance that effort, I found courses that taught Life Coaching before it was an official field.  I found the art of suggestion — or letting a person determine his own destiny by allowing a person to answer his own questions fascinating, rather than the coach suggesting the perfect outcome for the student.

Nutrition in any form intrigued me.  Through my experience in sales with a nutritional company, I understood how a healthy body assists our quality of life.  I also related to the mind/body connection which I have now fully incorporated into my life.  I took self-help courses and added them to my “Tool Box” of knowledge.  I was interested in, and even assisted children, in overcoming fears and other negativity in their lives.

Our family finally put their heads together with our combined expertise and concentrated on helping others find both… a Healthy & Wealthy lifestyle!  In turn, we coached others to do the same.  We achieved remarkable success, our goals and so much more!

Although a late Bloomer, I have grown to think of life in a certain philosophical way through listening to my inner “Self-Sensor” that guides me along life’s journey.  I am of the belief that, if we listen close enough, God will give us the clear answer to any question.  I believe we already have the answers within.  See more thoughts throughout this blog.

When I married my Forever Husband, in 1988, he brought a whole new meaning to the word Love and Friendship!  He set me free to achieve whatever it was I wanted in life and has supported my thoughts and actions in every way possible.  With that came a fun-filled and adventurous life.  I look forward daily to see what will come next!

We have an “extensive combined” family of 5 children, 12 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren.  With this brings additional people in all of our lives to count on for love and friendship.  It’s not only a positive way to look at life but gives us all, even more, to be thankful for each day.  We are all Blessed beyond imagination!

I have been writing, creating newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, websites, notes for stories since 1972 or so and I’m here now to say…  “it’s time to BLOG!!  Let’s do this!”

✿  ✿  ✿  ✿  ✿

As I was putting this page together and since my husband is a published author (although not poetry), I asked him to write a brief poem that describes me to my audience!  Here is it, enjoy!


My Charlie

Five feet four, almost.

Eyes of green, and soft.

Mother of two, five if you count mine.

Nana of twelve and counting; all one hundred percent precious.

A passion for sharing… passing this along, passing that along.

Only the good things, of course.

~ by Ronald Nitke

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