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Keep Your Leaf Basket Handy

It’s officially Fall, one of my favorite times of year!  My others, of course, are Winter, Spring and Summer… stay tuned!

Our highs were up into the 80’s reaching 90 the middle of September so our leaves aren’t exactly falling on the ground yet!  What happened to Fall in Wisconsin?  

In any case, I keep my basket close by for three Seasons, bringing flowers to the house in the Spring and Summer, and harvest from our small garden in Fall.  And… that’s not all!  Our basket will soon be used for gathering leaves on our bike rides around the neighborhood!  I also keep a basket in the car and when I see some really pretty leaves on the ground, I point saying, stop, stop… and my husband brings the car to a screeching halt!  Can you imagine someone stopping quickly in front of your house and a woman gets out with her basket to pick up leaves from the ground… yep, that’s me!  I gather other items as collections, which could be a story for a future post.

The Horn of Plenty (or Cornucopia) is a tradition in our home and comes out of the attic around September 1st each year along with the Fall decor for the front door.  We gather some miniature pumpkins and gourds from the garden, Indian corn is a must, and any other fruit that will last all month!  Then we scatter a few leaves in and around the horn.  Using a dish or two, shaped like a leaf, is a cute way to display a couple of the prettiest, most colorful leaves.  We also keep fruit in a basket and I sprinkle a few leaves in and around them.

The leaves dry out in a week, so gathering more on walks, bike rides, or runs keep our decor refreshed.  I just lay them on top of the dried ones that are already in place.

When do you start your decorations?  Let us know what you planted this year and how your harvest is coming along… and maybe share your cooler temperatures!  And if you keep a Horn of Plenty full at your home, pictures for us all, please!

A quick story about our Horn of Plenty game:

I usually set up the Horn of Plenty each year.  One year I noticed that something was different.  It had to be my husband because no one else lived with us!  I didn’t say anything to him, just changed it back.  The next morning, after he had gone to work, I noticed it had changed again.  This went on for a few days before I finally caught him!  The game was over but a really fun one!  The next year our son and family lived with us and were there for Thanksgiving.  We told them the story and asked if they’d like to play.  Anyone can play, rearrange in any form, just don’t get caught.  If you get caught, you’re out!  This, too, has become a family tradition.  Try it… it adds mystery!



A symbol of plenty consisting of a goat’s horn overflowing with flowers, fruit, and corn.
An ornamental container (a basket in my case) shaped like a goat’s horn.

4 thoughts on “Keep Your Leaf Basket Handy

  1. It’s been about the same here, however, it just got cooler this last week… more rain than we’ve ever seen this late Summer and early Fall. Just now we are starting to see incredible color but I’m afraid since it’s not going to last long and we’ll get up one morning with no leaves on the trees, ha! I do love the Midwest though because it’s never dull with the weather changing each year back and forth, always and forever different, love that! Thank you for sharing, off to collect a few more leaves… a lovely day here!

  2. Love this! We haven’t done much leaf collecting yet between the rain and most of our leaves being brown… starting to finally get some color and this is a great idea!

    1. We lived in Arizona for years and missed the Fall and leaves so much! We LOVE the four seasons and not sure we could do without them now! Retirees move to the warmer weather but… we can travel there for a month or two and still enjoy all four seasons! The good life in the Midwest! Thank you for your thoughts!

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