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I’m Going To Do This Stuff—REALLY!

OK Ladies and Gents, time to get off our duff from the Season of eating, drinking, celebrating, and overindulging in all kinds of activity!  If you count that candy basket that we start with on Halloween; move right into Thanksgiving with the stuffed turkey that stuffs us; the Baking Day(s) in between, Christmas Eve, not to mention Christmas Day itself and finally New Year’s Eve with parties and too many, uh, snacks plus those drinks!  New Years Day tells the story–more snacks, games… goodness, it’s the straw that… (ok, that’s another story) but it caps off the end of year Celebrations, that is, until Valentines Day ♥ unless, Heaven forbid, a Birthday cake comes into the picture at some point!  That’s not to say I don’t have my daily indulgence of 70% chocolate.  My Mister says “Everybody knows that chocolate is a vegetable!”

Getting real… now is the time to plan, implement and complete our Goal/Vision/Dream Boards so we can do it all again and Celebrate even bigger next year!!

Pick any of the boards or combine them—all are great.  It’s a personal preference.  I prefer a combination of Goal & Dream.  I fancy all kinds of motivational sayings, uplifting messages that I need every day to get me pumped up to accomplish my goals and dreams.  You notice I said the word accomplish.  That’s because I believe in being realistic when crafting the “Board” so that I’m not disappointed at the end of the year when I take it all apart and start over the next year with new goals.  Like a “To Do List,” I want to be able to check off (rip off the picture) my accomplishment.

I don’t like to start thinking about goals until after New Years Day—at least because I feel it takes away from the completion of the total year!  It’s time to reflect and revisit the past year and know what you want to do differently this year, pause, and then move on.  I like to take a few days to transition from old to new, gather my thoughts of what accomplishments or possessions I would like to achieve and complete in the New Year.  For example, I will start my board on January 7th and can always add to it… with that said, let’s get started!!


“A dream is just a dream.  A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline!” ~ Harvey MacKay


I have a 24 x 36 board that I put pins in (see picture below–nothing fancy for sure)!  I use regular copy paper sheets and tape them together to cover the entire board.  I then take a glue stick and start creating.  I have different colors of push pins that I use if I don’t want to glue but I actually do both. 

1) What is it that you want to accomplish this year?

2) Find a picture/saying/post that will emulate that accomplishment.  I personally want a new pool table for our home so I have glued a picture of the one that I want on my board.   And by the way, I collect pictures all year or even sort by year the goals/projects or wishes I have for different years.  I just pile them up and look through them each year because our goals change from time to time and you might find that your goals were accomplished quicker than expected!  That’s a great thing, love when that happens!

3) Keep your mind open because you don’t want to get stuck putting yourself in the position of only wanting a certain item/trip/accomplishment… STRETCH YOURSELF!!  Reach out and touch the unknown—the things you might be afraid of, put them on your board to desensitize your mind to those fears!  For instance, I want to zip-line but I’m deathly afraid of heights… not good if you want to zip-line!  Up goes a picture to get me ready (or not) but at least I tried, right?  Maybe next year!

4) My board is not fancy… it has items taped, glued, ripped off, papers on top of others (that I cover throughout the year when they’re accomplished), sayings I hear or collect, things to remember, pictures that my Mister draws for me, and even pins I collect, but I do keep a certain structure at first and also keep some of the incredible things that have meant so much to me throughout the many years I’ve been doing them.  Now, I couldn’t do without one.  If you take a break, just simply put it in a closet and then get it back out when you’re ready!  This is for YOU, not anyone else, so create at will and when you feel like it!

I would LOVE to see every single board that you all create!  Please send me a post or email, post to your social media and tag me!  Some like to keep their board private and that’s fine too!  After all, like I said above, it’s for YOU!!  Now… ready GO!! 


“An Essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” 

~ Dr. Edwin Land

I treasure each of you for your part in my life.  I am grateful for my family, friends, We all have so much to share with each other, so thank you for allowing me to share my passions, dreams, business adventures and family with all of you!!  Thank you for sharing the same with me!  May you be Blessed beyond your dreams this coming year!  I expect it to be the very best year ever!

Happiness, Joy, Peace and lots of Love ♥ Charlie (with my Mister, Ron, by my side) 

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