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Decking the Halls

I’m a “tradition” kind of gal and love doing some things at the same time every year!  Years ago, I found the perfect basket at a yard sale.  I didn’t know then that it this would soon become the place to keep my favorite Christmas books.

I have Children’s Christmas books, Christmas novels and a few other small treasures that I’ve picked up along the way.  I only keep the ones in the basket that I choose to peruse each year to start the season and put me in the true Spirit of Christmas.  That changes every year as new books “find me” and I promote them to the Christmas Book Basket which resides year around in Our Tiny Library (which you can read about on this blog, see the post from this November this year).  Only the best ones, the Treasures, remain there all year!

It’s a fun hobby and does bring on the Spirit of Christmas!

This year’s prize book is “Decking the Halls, The Folklore and Traditions of Christmas Plants” by Linda Allen, wow, right up my alley!  Found it in perfect condition at our local Thrift Store…

She begins with:

“Once upon a time, long, long ago, on a magical, mystical night, the world changed.  The magic of the Magi and the mysteries of the mystics could not compare with the wonder of the night.  It was a night when legends tell us that stars fell from the sky to become the flowers that we know as buttercups encircling the manager in the glow of golden color, a night when ordinary weeds became majestic, brilliant flowers to honor the Son of God, and a night when animals spoke.  It was a simpler time when science and technology did not explain away the magic and mystery of the unknown when faith and belief in the incredible were all that was needed in the face of the unexplainable.”

“Today we decorate our homes, yards, streets, and businesses with lights, candles, greenery accented with red, Santa Claus, and ornaments in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  We honor our friends and families with special gifts for the season.  But why do we do these things year after year?  Of course, the obvious reason for Christians is to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child.  But many of our seasonal traditions and customs have been borrowed from ancient cultures and practices that existed before the birth of Christ, thus making modern-day Christmas a truly multicultural celebration that unites all mankind in a cosmic celebration.  Could this possibly be the real meaning of the Nativity experience?”

The book is made of several chapters each detailing several Christmas plants and the story behind them, such as  Mistletoe, Christmas Tree, Wreaths, Yule Log, Holly, Poinsettia, Rosemary, Christmas Rose, Cinnamon, Peppermint, and Cranberries!

A MUST READ for this Christmas…

And please… leave your comments below and the books that you have enjoyed at this time of year!  I’ll pass your comments and suggestions on and Merry Christmas to all!

3 thoughts on “Decking the Halls

    1. I got the tradition from First Lady Laura Bush when she was in the White House and put children’s books under the tree one year, making a children’s Christmas Tree! I watched a tour and then decided that it was something I would do for our grandchildren. They love it! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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