• Do you write ideas, wishes, other thoughts down on scratch paper but never write the entire story or follow through?
  • Do you have stories in your head you would love to share with the world?  I’d love to hear them!
  • Do you have an entertaining family, stories of high school, college, or the workplace that are just too good not to tell?
  • How about ideas for gardening ideas that are unique to you?
  • Family recipes can be too good not to pass along to the world, right?
  • I don’t know about you by my pets are incredibly entertaining and those stories are just too good NOT to pass along!

Any age group, most subjects and all are welcome in the blogging world!  There is a place for nearly everyone!  I started this course not too long ago and not only have I made a little money but I am enjoying the ride!  I believe that you can take away most anything you want in blogging!  It can be educational, enlightening for sure, and oh so much fun!  It’s quite the experience for me so far and a fun way to connect with so many people!  You can make it whatever you want to get out of it!

There are mothers with small children blogging as well as retired people traveling the world and everything in-between!  My husband also participates in our blog—he writes short stories and is enjoying the outlet as well as being a contributor.  There are those who write together… like sisters, friends, and spouses who are sharing their adventures or you can also ask others to contribute as well!  Make it your own vision!

If any of these ideas strike your fancy, then you just might be a Blogger at heart!  I have been putting ideas on paper for years but that’s where they stayed–in a file, marked “ideas!”  I saw an article, much like this one… of a couple–an entire family really, that felt the same way a few years back so they put their travels in a blog and are now teaching others how to do the same, traveling the world and enjoying great success and financial freedom to boot!  They share their story and also teach us and others how to make money at the same time!  It’s given me freedom and an outlet that I never thought possible.  Sharing one’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences is a great idea!  We’ve been telling our friends on social media for years but why not tell the world and gain an income as well.  It can be a hobby or you can earn up to your potential!

If you click here, yep, right here 🙂 you will be directed to the class I took!  It’s FREE!  Take the class and see what you think; what ideas you might come up with for your blog!  You will find out a lot of information in a short period of time!  It’s the most fun I’ve had in years and rewarding to share ideas, a variety of stories, or anything else you have on your mind… all in one place!  Experiencing the life I have now is incredible but to share it with others is just profound.  I love hearing stories about things that I don’t have an imagination for.  There are those people, just like you, who have those experiences hidden in their heads and now share them with others = BLOG!

Click here to get the information and a 5–Day Blogging Class FREE!  Just try it and let me know what you think… please!  What will be the name of your blog? Click here and bounce your ideas off of many people already doing this… Go ahead, just CLICK and follow the yellow brick road!  You’ll find other bloggers that are just getting started like you and you can get their opinions and ideas on what to name your blog, ideas for logos and how to start!  After you click and enroll… please let me know your thoughts HERE!! 

Happy Blogging Everyone and please go to “contact me” at the top of this blog if you have questions and let me know what you think… Charlie